Passive Remediation Systems Incorporated (PRSI) was formed in 2004 in response to the growing need for leachate in communities and the need to create buffers for aquifer and streams. By applying Phytoremediation Technology to landfills by way of irrigation of hybrid poplar orchards in the landfill buffer zones using the utilized leachate. Today PRSI offers turnkey remediation solutions cost effective and environmentally sound means of leachate management that reclaim property values and deliver on going revenue streams through the capture of carbon offsets and utilizing occurring energy sources such as methane gas to cultivate further revenues in the conversion to electricity or other added values.




In the farming communities we can mitigate the flow of nutrients downstream with planted buffer zones, as well as create visually aesthetic barriers. As the poplar plantations mature, an ideal source of wood fibre becomes available for harvesting.

PRSI Systems Provides:

  • Uptake of bio-hazards such as leachate from landfill sites
  • Remediation of old mine sites (Phytoremediation)
  • Sound and odor buffers
  • Stream side remediation
  • Factory farm buffers.

Poplars are used world wide as landfill caps and on hydrocarbon polluted lands. The poplar is an excellent carbon fixer, and soil and water filter. This technology fits the parameters as set out in the Kyoto Protocol ratified by the federal government in 2002.

Wood fiber uses in the future include a renewable energy source (pellets for heating), plywood veneer, board lumber, pulp, and other uses. This can now become a new industry with new opportunities for the next generation.

PRSI is poised to work closely with local government, and private industry, to provide solutions for development of alternative means of soil and water remediation.



comprised of environmental consultants, remediation engineers, project managers, hydrogeologists, biologists  and field technicians.