Earth Stewardship

Derbowka David R, Chief Executive Officer

Dave Derbowka - CEO

Derbowka is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Passive Remediation Systems Ltd. (PRSI) and oversees the  operation and growth of the company. Since establishing PRSI in 2004, Mr. Derbowka has worked on projects globally and to his credit PRSI became affiliated in 2013 as ISO 14064, International Standard for GHG Emissions Inventories and Verification, compliant. Mr. Derbowka has over 20 years of experience and is considered as an expert in the fields of  rhizoremediation and phytoremediation that result in the remediation of contaminated groundwater, soils, soil vapours and sediments. Mr. Derbowka routinely consults on complex environmental site assessments for sites impacted by chlorinated solvents, petroleum hydrocarbons, and metals.

Mr. Derbowka has been a member of the Poplar Council of Canada since 1996, contributes research information and has authored numerous white papers on the subjects of rhizoremediation and phytoremediation.

Prior to PRSI, Mr. Derbowka founded and chaired the Okanagan Ground Water Protection Agency, a widely recognized environmental protection organization that researched and enforced groundwater protections legislation in the Okanagan area of British Columbia.  Mr. Derbowka wrote the water back flow prevention act for municipalities and provided critical direction to the development of water protection bylaws. He oversaw groundwater contamination, source water protection, contaminant site optimization and wellhead protection. Mr. Derbowka, a founder,  is the chairman of Armstrong Spallumcheen Environmental Trust (ASET) (, a volunteer organization that provides bursaries to youth pursuing environmental related post-secondary education, and empowering communities to live with environmentally sustainable practices. Mr. Derbowka contributes regularly, editorials on environmental subjects through his website and local sources.

Berkholtz Harold, Projects Manager – BioEnergy

Harold Burkholtz

Mr. Berkholtz is the Projects Manager of Passive Remediation Systems Ltd. (PRSI) and oversees the design, construction, production, and quality of PRSI BioEnergy projects.

Mr. Berkholtz approaches opportunities within the BioEnergy Sector from a practical perspective, using experience and facts. As he has matured throughout his working career his focus has been on improving the environment and combating climate change, which has become of utmost importance to him. The highly sought after BioEnergy Technical Consultant works to make meaningful change through the application of environmentally beneficial (carbon negative) technologies.

Upon completing his structural steel apprenticeship in 1969 Mr. Berkholtz worked on large industrial projects and in 1978 incorporated Proflex Systems Ltd. The next 12 years were spent on erecting structural steel buildings, steel and pre-cast bridges and the re-building of a glass factory in British Columbia. To his credit and business acumen Mr. Berkholtz also was a major proponent to first successfully import Alpacas from South America. In 2004, Mr. Berkholtz applied his unique skill set to the wood pellet industry. In the seven-year term in which Mr. Berkholtz managed the Williams Lake Pellet plant for Pinnacle Pellet he was instrumental in the design, construction and expansion of the mill. Under his leadership it became the highest producing pellet plant in British Columbia. He also had a 3 year tenure of quality control and continuous improvement at which in that period did all scientific experiments and testing with laboratory equipment as well as combined research with the University of British Columbia. Over the past ten years he has been associated and conducted joint research with Dr. Shahab Sokhansanj, Adjunct Professor, Ph.D., P. Eng., and also Research Lead for BioMass and BioEnergy Research Group.

In 2014 he formed his own consulting firm and is a consultant to the BioEnergy Sector across North America utilizing his experience in quality control, testing, research, and process efficiencies. Mr. Berkholtz years of experience and his focus on environmental stewardship make him invaluable contributor to the PRSI’s renewable energy enterprises.

Helferty Lloyd, Sustainable BioChar Expert

Lloyd Helferty - BioChar Expert

Mr. Helferty is an engineering technologist with more than 10 years of experience working for various multinational corporations in Canada and around the world, providing project and system support for domestic and international firms undertaking engineering projects and activities related to research, development and deployment (RD&D). ​Mr. Helferty has a solid background and experience undertaking various aspects of field commissioning, sales support, pre-planning and site preparation, pre-shipment and post-shipment testing.

M​r. Helferty is ​considered to be one of the nation’s pioneer leaders in the development of the Biochar industry and ​his expertise includes professional Engineering Support Services to assist engineering and R&D teams undertake projects and deploy these technologies. He strives to integrate Biochar into the new “Green economy” and make the Canadian Biochar industry the gold standard of innovation, technology, job creation and growth within this emerging industry.