Landfill Remediation 

2014 – Present Active Landfill Site Remediation – Phytoremediation System Objective

  • Stop leachate from entering the ground water table
  • Remediate the leachate produced from the active landfill

Initiative The project will involved the engineering, commissioning, and maintaining a phytoremediation system that supports the landfill site. Phase One consists of planting one hundred and eight trees, four different species, of Hybrid Poplar on the landfill property. Once the growing season is complete and the results of the test plots collected the decision to continue on with additional phases of the project will be determined. Phase Two of the project could include a larger plantation of trees irrigated with the landfill leachate from the collection pond.


  • Phase One began in June of 2014 –
  • First Landfill Phytoremediation Project of its kind in Ontario

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