Passive Remediation Systems Ltd. (PRSI) is a recognized leading phytoremediation company that specializes in the use of Intensive Precision AgroForestry to clean up and mitigate the effects of environmental contamination of air, water, and soil. PRSI provides Mining, Oil & Gas, Farming, and Communities with cost-effective carbon negative solutions to pollution challenges that produce recapture of property values and ongoing revenue streams. Learn More

Passive Remediation Systems Ltd. (PRSI) provides solutions that maximize our clients’ returns on their investment while taking meaningful actions towards Green House Gasses (GHG) reduction, protecting and cleansing air, water and soil. Learn More

Let PRSI show you how your property can meet Green Community Standards all while generating additional revenue streams. To speak with one of our environmental consultants.Learn More


  • Green Industries for First Nations

Green Industries for First Nations

PRSI looks to partner with First Nation Communities that have access to forest resources and in return offers  a turnkey sustainable green industry model.  Industry that provides sustainable jobs and industry that sequester more […]

  • Sustainable Community Planing

Sustainable Community Planing

Environmental solutions that  create sustainable communities. Action plans that incorporate Carbon Negative Solutions that address community issues such as protection of local watershed, nutrient runoff, and landfill leachate pollution treatment systems.

  • Solutions for Oil & Gas, and Mining

Solutions for Oil & Gas, and Mining

Award winning for its expertise in developing cost-effective bioremediation systems that reestablish vegetation  and forests on industrial brownfields. PRSI engineer remedial solutions that bring sites to environmental standards and allow owners to move forward […]

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PRSI’s Guiding Principles:

  • PRSI provides meaningful actions for our clients that benefits our client and our planet
  • PRSI believes in utilizing environmentally sound solutions
  • PRSI adapts solutions to address clients unique environmental challenges
  • PRSI offer timely, high-quality work at a fair price
  • PRSI values our people and invest in everyone’s future by improving our planet’s health
  • PRSI shows respect in how we conduct ourselves
  • PRSI is committed to health & safety
  • PRSI conducts business ethically


  • The Biochar Process

The Biochar Process

Remediating black water with plants has happened in nature since Earth happened. PRSI has built “everyone’s parks” biotech sponges over decommissioned landfill sites since 2005. […]

  • Biochar Brick

Biochar Brick

The biochar “biobrik”, a product initiated/submitted by PRSI. Buildings made of biochar building products could qualify as carbon sinks. Is that really possible? I believe […]

  • Carbon Smart Farming

Carbon Smart Farming

Innovative Farming Solutions
Date: Wednesday, November 15, 2017
Time: 8:30 am
Place: Spallumcheen Township Meeting Hall 4144 Spallumcheen Way
Sponsor: PRSI (Passive Remediation Systems Ltd.)

8:45 am – David Derbowka […]