Off Setting Values

By attaching carbon value to Earth health, or Gaia; the living organism, we create jobs. The process of sequestering carbon the sun gave us, through growth of plants, returns to us as stored sun-power. “We make fresh air”

Further to that, the “carbon retrieval process” yields a thousand organic chemical products to go. I call […]

Fresh Air

We make fresh air.
When you walk within a canopied forest, you breathe new oxygen; you are inside a blanket of fresh air. That’s because that’s what trees do. They make fresh air. And they use a lots of other materials during growth to become trees, to give us fresh air.

If one were to cook […]

Fall Flight

Each fall we enlist a friend with a plane to fly our sites to capture some aerial photos. It’s interesting to see the ground that we know so well from above and how mightily our trees have grown on their diet of reclaimed wastewater.


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    Harold Berkholtz joins PRSI as New Senior Vice President to Oversee BioEnergy Ventures

Harold Berkholtz joins PRSI as New Senior Vice President to Oversee BioEnergy Ventures

New Senior Vice President & BioEnergy Industry Expert – Harold Berkholtz

Armstrong BC – November 26, 2014 – Passive Remediation Systems Ltd. (PRSI or the company) is proud to announce that Mr. Harold Berkholtz has joined PRSI to oversee the development of PRSI BioEnergy ventures.

‚ÄúToday is a landmark development in our company. […]

Alberta Biochar Initiative

Lakeland College and Alberta Innovates Technology Futures (AITF) with assistance from Western Economic Diversification Canada and industry support have developed the Alberta Biochar Initiative. The ABI is intended to develop and demonstrate technologies that will enable the large scale commercial deployment of biochar products and biochar applications for the benefit of Albertans.

The ABI consists […]

International Poplar Commission

International Poplar Commission

The International Poplar Commission (IPC) is one of the oldest statutory bodies within the framework of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). It was founded in 1947 by 9 European countries in the aftermath of WWII destructions, when poplar and willow culture was considered a priority to supporting […]