We make fresh air.

When you walk within a canopied forest, you breathe new oxygen; you are inside a blanket of fresh air. That’s because that’s what trees do. They make fresh air. And they use a lots of other materials during growth to become trees, to give us fresh air.

If one were to cook a tree, confined, without combustion, (like leaving the oven and contents on too long), carbon, (biochar), is left. That carbon is 30% of the whole makeup of a tree. It consumed the carbon part of atmospheric carbon, (CO2) to become a tree. Of course it found lots of other resources on Earth’s skin to become a tree. It needed Earth’s soils, sunshine and water to be born, then to grow. TREES make fresh air.

Fully 70% of the tree provides volatile organic compounds and chemicals. Syngas, as it is often called, is derived from the heating process as well. Syngas supports clean combustion flame called ‘pyrolysis’, a non CO2 emitting flame. The flame’s heat ‘over cooks’, or burns oven contents without combustion, to chemically change the makeup of the tree. So the tree is nature’s battery, of stored solar power, heat, and chemicals; which emits fresh air.

David R Derbowka