Green Industries for First Nations

PRSI works with First Nations implementing Sustainable Green Community BioEnergy Programs that provide self sustainable electricity and home heating systems along with full time, well paying jobs. By utilizing our many years of award winning expertise in agroforestry, remediation, and green industry PRSI carries out comprehensive studies putting forward economic and environmental plans that are tailored to the community, resources and environmental challenges. The industry is then financed, designed constructed and managed in partnership with PRSI resulting in sustainable jobs for our children that we as Stewards of the Environment are proud to support and create. Industry that sequesters more greenhouse gases then it produces and improves “Planet Health” rather than damaging it.

Green Industry

A bio energy industry production solution could include industry such as a wood pellet, biocoal, biochar, biofuels, and electrical generation.

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Commitment to Planet Health

As specialist in Water Protection, Sustainable Community Planning , Carbon Credit Benefits Reforestation and Forestry Biodiversity PRSI implements all of its fields of expertise into planning each Communities Sustainability and utilizes natures cleaning tools to protect and improve your communities water, air and soil.


PRSI has design construction and managed some of North America’s most successful BioEnergy plants since 2004 and continues to do so today. Because of that experience and reputation the product from the solutions that PRSI designs for your community are readily financed and presold in long term contracts to the market place.

1-Green Industry-001PRSI’s Sustainable BioEnergy Solutions use 100% of the tree 1-Green Industry (1)

Because PRSI design BioEnergy systems that utilize the entire tree and all of its BioMass Nothing goes to waste as in traditional practices.

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