New Senior Vice President & BioEnergy Industry Expert – Harold Berkholtz

Armstrong BC – November 26, 2014 – Passive Remediation Systems Ltd. (PRSI or the company) is proud to announce that Mr. Harold Berkholtz has joined PRSI to oversee the development of PRSI BioEnergy ventures.

“Today is a landmark development in our company. Mr Berkholtz is a widely recognized expert in the BioEnergy sector. He has participated in the design, building, and operations of some of the industries’ most successful and modern operations. The opportunities within this sector are plentiful but we constantly see mistakes being made and wood pellet companies closing their doors due to poor design and mismanagement. Having Mr. Berkholtz on our team assures us that we will approach and operate our ventures with the utmost in quality, production and success.”

“The Planet is sick and needs our help.” commented Mr. Berkholtz PRSI BioEnergy Expert. “I believe that sustainable management of our biomass supply is essential to our efforts to address climate change. The expertise that PRSI has in remediating the earth’s surface while growing fuel crops and generating environmental benefits fits perfectly with my attitude of creating ‘Green Industry’ that sequesters more carbon from the atmosphere then it produces.”

Mr. Berkholtz is the Senior Vice President of Passive Remediation Systems Ltd. (PRSI) and oversees the design, construction, production, and quality of PRSI BioEnergy projects.

Mr. Berkholtz approaches opportunities within the BioEnergy Sector from a practical perspective, using experience and facts. As he has matured throughout his working career his focus has been on improving the environment and combating climate change, which has become of utmost importance to him. The highly sought after BioEnergy Technical Consultant works to make meaningful change through the application of environmentally beneficial (carbon negative) technologies.

Upon completing his structural steel apprenticeship in 1969 Mr. Berkholtz worked on large industrial projects and in 1978 incorporated Proflex Systems Ltd. The next 12 years were spent on erecting structural steel buildings, steel and pre-cast bridges and the re-building of a glass factory in British Columbia. To his credit and business acumen Mr. Berkholtz also was a major proponent to first successfully import Alpacas from South America. In 2004, Mr. Berkholtz applied his unique skill set to the wood pellet industry. In the seven-year term in which Mr. Berkholtz managed the Williams Lake Pellet plant for Pinnacle Pellet he was instrumental in the design, construction and expansion of the mill. Under his leadership it became the highest producing pellet plant in British Columbia. He also had a 3 year tenure of quality control and continuous improvement at which in that period did all scientific experiments and testing with laboratory equipment as well as combined research with the University of British Columbia. Over the past ten years he has been associated and conducted joint research with Dr. Shahab Sokhansanj, Adjunct Professor, Ph.D., P. Eng., and also Research Lead for BioMass and BioEnergy Research Group.

In 2014 he formed his own consulting firm and is a consultant to the BioEnergy Sector across North America utilizing his experience in quality control, testing, research, and process efficiencies. Mr. Berkholtz years of experience and his focus on environmental stewardship make him invaluable contributor to the PRSI’s renewable energy enterprises.

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