Committed To Safety

Health and safety processes are fundamental to how we work in the field and in the office.  It dictates ‘how’ and ‘what’ we do in every facet of our lives whether working in the field or interacting with each other in the office.  We are fully dedicated to conducting our business in a way that protects all employees, subcontractors, visitors, clients, and the general public in regards to overall health, safety and well-being.

  • We commit to the prevention of accidents, occupational related illnesses or injuries through the cooperation and awareness of all employees and continuous efforts in the management of Health & Safety risks associated with our operations.
  • We will communicate our policies and procedures to all employees and subcontractors with the expectation that they will be required to perform and comply with our Health & Safety Policy and associated procedures.
  • We will ensure that our Corporate Health & Safety Policy complies with Provincial Regulations and requirements through the provision of adequate equipment, facilities, procedures and training, and on-going education and communication with our staff.
  • We expect that our employees and subcontractors prevent accidents and injuries by implementing and practicing our health & safety procedures and plans, and by communicating safety issues they observed or experienced during their work in an effort to continuously improve our health & safety procedures and operations.