Human Health Risk Assessment

Passive Remediation Systems Inc. (PRSI) has a team of qualified risk assessors that have extensive project experience and technical backgrounds to determine the type and level of environmental risk at a site.  We produce quantifiable and tangible data that provides regulators with the basis for approving property specific standards based on human health exposure.

PRSI Human Health Risk Assessment services include:

  • Identification of contaminant distributions in all media (soil, groundwater, soil vapour, etc.)
  • Identification of contaminant migration pathways (e.g. in groundwater or vapour)
  • Identification of exposure scenarios and exposure frequencies (inhalation of vapours, ingestion of contaminated water, etc.)
  • Review of toxicological data in accepted databases maintained by the U.S. EPA and other regulatory bodies
  • Calculation of probabilities to contract cancer or non-carcinogenic effects due to exposure to the contaminants in question

Our team has completed risk assessments for sites impacted by petroleum hydrocarbons, metals (including lead), PAHs, chlorinated solvents, PCBs, pesticides and herbicides. Our risk assessments routinely involve indoor air studies, including sampling and analysis of soil vapour, ambient air and indoor air in order to assess human health risks with respect to inhalation pathways. Our risk management plans provide an on-going, systematic framework to monitor, assess, reduce, control, and communicate risks.



 PRSI Helps Regulators Develop Risk Standards and Guidelines
PRSI provided expert review of the subsurface transport component of the generic risk assessments used in the “2007 Rationale for Development of Site Condition Standards (O.Reg. 153/04)” to the Ontario Ministry of Environment. We also developed a reviewer’s checklist for in-house use of risk assessment reviews conducted by the Ontario MOE, and we participated in the development of a guidance document for the risk assessment of pathogens in soils and groundwater on behalf of Health Canada.


Human Health Risk Assessment Milestone Projects: Client
Human Health Risk Assessment, Cove Island Light Station Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Public Works and Government Services Canada
Human Health Risk Assessment, Resolute Bay Airport Landfill Sites and Vehicle Storage Area, Nunavut Transport Canada/Public Works and Government Services Canada
Human Health Risk Assessment, CP Rail South False Creek Property – Offsite Conditions, Vancouver, BC Canadian Pacific Rail
Human Health Risk Assessment, Garden River Old Dump in Wood Buffalo National Park Alberta Parks Canada
Human Health Risk Assessment, Bermed Portion of Colborne Street East, Brantford, Ontario Stirling Bridge
Human Health Risk Assessment – Vehicle Dump and Community Landfill, Iqaluit, Nunavut Transport Canada, Public Works and Government Services Canada
Human Health Risk Assessment – Real Time Particulate Monitoring Plan Natural Resources Canada
Human Health Risk Assessment, 26 Ainslee Street South, Cambridge, Ontario Heartwood Place


Whether collecting samples in the field to support human health risk assessments, or developing risk-based remedial action plans, PRSI has the skills and capabilities to estimate the nature and probability of adverse health effects in humans that may become exposed to contaminated media.

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