Passive Remediation Systems Ltd. (PRSI) is a Canadian-based environmental and engineering firm dedicated to delivering projects that maximize client’s returns on investments while providing environmentally sound solutions. PRSI is committed to developing adaptive solutions that align to our client’s unique needs. PRSI strives for service quality excellence in all projects while delivering the reduction of Green House Gasses (GHG) and protecting air, water and soil. PRSI acts in meaningful ways by offering the right skill set and experience to deliver projects that exceed client expectations.

Mission Statement

Passive Remediation Systems Ltd. (PRSI) provides solutions that maximize our clients’ returns on their investment while taking meaningful actions towards Green House Gasses (GHG) reduction, protecting and cleansing air, water and soil.

PRSI’s Guiding Principles:

  • PRSI provides meaningful actions for our clients that benefits our client and our planet
  • PRSI believes in utilizing environmentally sound solutions
  • PRSI adapts solutions to address clients unique environmental challenges
  • PRSI offer timely, high-quality work at a fair price
  • PRSI values our people and invest in everyone’s future by improving our planet’s health
  • PRSI shows respect in how we conduct ourselves
  • PRSI is committed to health & safety
  • PRSI conducts business ethically

Our guiding principles help PRSI to create beneficial long term relationships with our clients that result in outstanding results for our clients and even better ones for our planet.

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