Environmental Debt: Repaying Gaia

To be blunt, we are takers who don’t replenish the nutrients and elements we take out of the Earth. By doing this we are literally draining our planet of the resources it needs to support life on Earth, and eventually, it will not be able to sustain any living thing. We can all take […]

The Biochar Process

Remediating black water with plants has happened in nature since Earth happened. PRSI has built “everyone’s parks” biotech sponges over decommissioned landfill sites since 2005. The “parks” are sometimes assigned as carbon offsets during their tenure, usually 10 years. For maximum value, hybrid poplars, climate area suited, and designed to grow fast, use yukky […]

PRSI Biochar BioBrick

The biochar “Biobrik”, is a building product initiated / submitted by PRSI. Buildings made of biochar building products could qualify as carbon sinks. Is that really possible? Sure, as I believe “hope” is a driver in the world of repairing damage done to our beautiful blue planet. You may consider the notion; “paying back […]

PRSI To Produce 50,000 New Trees In 2018

CEO David Derbowka is proud to announce that for the 2018 planting season PRSI will have stock of 50,000 seedlings for planting. All new trees are coming from our own certified stock including seven varieties of poplar.

Carbon Smart Farming

Innovative Farming Solutions
Date: Wednesday, November 15, 2017
Time: 8:30 am
Place: Spallumcheen Township Meeting Hall 4144 Spallumcheen Way
Sponsor: PRSI (Passive Remediation Systems Ltd.)

8:45 am – David Derbowka – introductions, meet & greet.

9:00 am – Jamie Bakos (owner of Titan Projects) – presentation of product & uses for Biochar in the farming industry. Introduction to Biochar for […]

Off Setting Values

By attaching carbon value to Earth health, or Gaia; the living organism, we create jobs. The process of sequestering carbon the sun gave us, through growth of plants, returns to us as stored sun-power. “We make fresh air”

Further to that, the “carbon retrieval process” yields a thousand organic chemical products to go. I call […]

Fresh Air

We make fresh air.
When you walk within a canopied forest, you breathe new oxygen; you are inside a blanket of fresh air. That’s because that’s what trees do. They make fresh air. And they use a lots of other materials during growth to become trees, to give us fresh air.

If one were to cook […]

Visit PRSI at PARK(ing) Day in Downtown Vernon

11:00am to 6:00pm, Friday, September 16

PRSI is helping to turn a parking space into a park space along 30th Avenue near Nolan’s Pharmasave. Stop by to see how we transform the space with our hybrid poplar trees and check out our Zero Emission Nissan Leaf.

For more information visit the Downtown Vernon website.

Fall Flight

Each fall we enlist a friend with a plane to fly our sites to capture some aerial photos. It’s interesting to see the ground that we know so well from above and how mightily our trees have grown on their diet of reclaimed wastewater.


UBC partnership aims to recycle environmental contaminants

UBC is partnering with a BC company to turn soil contaminants into household products.

As part of the partnership, UBC Okanagan chemist Susan Murch will work with Passive Remediation Systems Ltd. (PRS) to find ways to pull natural and industrial chemicals out of vegetation that is being used to remediate a decommissioned landfill in Salmon […]