Upper Power House at the east end is running nicely and looks excellent in spite of an over watering difficulty experienced in the start up year 2005. The grass has been cut for the last time this year. Irrigation hose has been rolled up and stored away for the season for the entire upper Power House Road hedge row project. The center area, with the new trees never grown here before, are now providing a hedge row barricade between Power House Road and the landfill site. That area was prepared and planted in the spring of 2006. The west end (started in 2005), draws many positive comments from the public and has resulted in other jobs for our company. Weeding, on the west end, in the form of roto-tilling has been done for the final time for this year.

2007 Highlights

  • 290,000+ gallons of leachate treated
  • trees reaching 30′ height
  • leaves up to 14″ x 16″


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Lower Power House phyto installation has continued a stellar performance for the third year in a row. Precipitation abounded this year and caused lesser use of leachate. However; that allowed us less use of fresh water irrigation mixing procedures for drier weather. (Only 40,000 US gallons). We came very close to using three hundred thousand US gallons of leachate this summer as opposed to two hundred thousand US gallons in last year’s dry weather and much smaller trees. The growth rates are normal to perhaps slightly less than an optimum average. But there exists on this site a very healthy plantation of five varieties of hybrid poplars. This is partly obvious in common leaf sizes at 13 inches wide X 15 inches in length. Analysis of culture samples show affirmative results. Mid season soil sampling displayed healthy growing conditions. Tree growth rate performance will be in electronic form in due course.

This year has re-affirmed the cause of need to operate leachate applications manually. Rainfall must be dealt with or monitored as does daily weather conditions regarding both types of watering procedure. Secondly, a sudden serious change in leachate conditions would be noticed by manual daily testing. (Pond color and conditions change.) Some days H2S gas is noticeable necessitating lower pressure rates for irrigation. Irrigation equipment must be kept free of weeds to maintain visibility of operation. Roto-tilling, (aeration), is also a requirement as is shown in certain tree’s ability to use up all leachate chemicals. (see conductivity and pH graphs.)

pH 2007

pH changes throughout the watering season

conductivity 2007

Conductivity changes throughout the watering season