Site Certifications & Environmental Approvals

Environmental approvals are often required by Federal, Provincial and Municipal regulations when developing, remediating or reclaiming lands. They help to measure and understand the adverse environmental, social, heritage and health effects that may occur during a project lifecycle.

Passive Remediation Systems Inc. (PRSI) supports developers, industry and government agencies through each step of the process. Our office is proficient at facilitating the complex process of site certification and environmental approvals. We have in-house experts who are appropriately qualified and accreditated to provide regulatory site certification and we have the technical know-how to carry out field studies that support approvals.

If you are engaged in the following, you will need to obtain approvals.

  • Management of waste streams and discharges to the environment
  • Release of contaminants (pollutants) into the air, onto land, or into water
  • Storing, transporting or disposing of waste
  • Land use changes
  • Resource development



Through numerous site permitting projects across Canada, PRSI has gained significant experience and credibility working with regulatory agencies in matters involving soil, water, and air issues. Our understanding of the unique requirements within each jurisdiction helps us to prepare and deliver certifications, approvals, and permits quickly, allowing our clients to move forward with their projects.


Need help moving forward with your project but require the completion of environmental certifications/permits? Give us a call.